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Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation 32GB White

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The Apple iPod Touch is thinner than a watch, does 90% of what a big laptop does, and does it faster and easier. It doesn't replace a laptop for creating photos, but I prefer carrying it on trips when my interest is communications and access to information.

This newest iPod Touch adds two cameras, a microphone, video calling, and a higher-resolution LCD to the second-generation iPod Touch I've been using these past two years.

These cameras offer 720p HD, but sadly, only a low-resolution (0.6 MP) still camera. Sorry to break the news to you, but while 720 pixels is HD for video, it's 1997 low-resolution for still images. This is not the iPhone camera.

The iPod Touch is most of an iPhone, minus the phone, for a lower price, with longer battery life, smaller size and less weight.

The iPod Touch has always offered lifetime free Internet (where available), with no fees, ever. Unlike pokey, expensive, phone-line connections (like AT&T's spotty 3G and 4G), the iPod Touch's free WiFi connection is faster, and free anyplace you can find free Wi-Fi, which is just about anyplace civilized.

You won't find free WiFi as you're driving, but I find it just about everywhere I go, and if I can't, I'd rather wait until I'm back in civilization than wait around for slow phone-company connections with an iPhone and its expensive monthly service charges.

Unlike screwing with old-fashioned Blackberrys and mobile phones, which have spotty, slow access to retarded ("mobile") versions of just some websites, the iPod Touch has unlimited, fast, free access to complete, real websites. The iPod Touch has a big screen, not the pathetic little postage-stamp screens of mobile phones. The only thing I've seen the iPod not be able to do on the Internet, compared to a computer, is that it won't play Flash, which means that you don't have to see those annoying animated ads. I find this more of a benefit than a limitation.

Even better, the iPod touch doesn't try to make you feel like an idiot. The iPod Touch is designed intelligently, so everything is easy to find and use. Compare this to mobile phones, which are so poorly designed that no one can figure out how to use them for much of anything. The iPod Touch is so well designed that my 1-1/2 year old baby knows how to use it, while no one at the Verizon store could figure out how to get Internet on the demo phone sitting out on a display complete with instructions! You don't need instructions for the iPod Touch; it just knows what you want to do and does it.

I used my wife's iPod touch instead of a laptop for over a week while traveling in New Mexico the other week. I preferred the iPod Touch to lugging my tiny 12" laptop. The iPod Touch was in my pocket all day, every day. I left my laptop computer at home, and never missed it.

The iPod Touch makes everything else look and feel like it came from the 1970s.

Once you buy an iPod touch, you never have to subscribe to, or buy, anything again. An iPod touch is an iPhone, minus the phone, and minus any dealings with a phone company. There are no subscription or other monthly fees. So long as you're in range of a free WiFi connection (available at every motel and just about everywhere else), you have full access to the Internet, eMail, and just about everything, for free, and far faster than the slow phone company networks. Use the Line2 app and you get free calling with your iPod, too!

An iPod can't be used to run Photoshop or Dreamweaver, but I've been able to use it for getting and sending eMail, buying things from Amazon and even biding competitively (and winning) on eBay. You can't copy photos into it directly from a camera or card; you do that through iTunes. The iPod is for consumers of information; you can't produce content on it. But wait — even though you can't edit photos on it, you can compose emails and text notes, and I have used it to write sections of articles I've later posted elsewhere on my site. I don't want to be editing photos when I'm in the field anyway; I want to be shooting.

My wife has a Verizon phone, which looks like a tiny laptop, but stinks for the Internet. The Verizon phone is slower than the 1970s (think slower than dial-up modems; remember, it's just a cell phone), and when I tried to get the Internet, all I got were bastardized versions of websites, minus all their images, and with Verizon ads put in place illegally. For instance, Verizon tried to charge my wife $12 for me playing on the internet for a minute on her phone. All I got was three text links from my home page, no graphics, and a whole lot of Verizon ads, dropped connections and headaches instead. They claimed I used 3MB of data at $4 a meg; in fact I only got 1kB (0.001 MB) of real data (the few text links from a fraction of my home page) and 2.999MB of Verizon.

Pick up an iPod Touch, and if you're in range of a WiFi signal (drive into the parking lot of any apartment house and you'll find a few) and you're in touch with the world.

Sure, the iPod plays music, but you really want it as a pocket computer for full free unlimited Internet and email access, weather and stock reports, the ability to take and email notes to yourself about anything as it happens (last night I turned on the iPod and emailed myself a reminder, and the whole thing took me less than 30 seconds with just one hand), a fantastic scientific calculator, 3-D satellite maps and live traffic reports, and a whole lot more.

If you're out of range of a WiFi signal (you won't get them while driving, but you shouldn't be on the computer while driving either), the iPod caches your eMail and sends it when you get in range, automatically. If you don't have access to a WiFi signal, the iPod Touch has no access to the Internet, but I've not found this to be a problem in my travels. WiFi signals are in more places than you think, and the iPod Touch automatically finds them and logs on for you.

Compared to my wife's Verizon phone, which no one, not even the Verizon salesgirl, could figure out, the iPod works just like a real Apple computer, with a bigger screen and better keyboard than any of the copies.

All this, with no contracts or fees, ever. All you need to do is connect it to a PC or Mac once to initialize it with iTunes (and load you music if you care), and you're done forever. (Just be sure to get some other way to charge it if you don't bring your laptop.)

If you need to be on the computer while driving, sure, pay extra for an iPhone, which when I borrowed one in New Mexico, worked great to look up museum operating hours while another drove, but if you want a toy which will become an indispensable tool for all your Internet and email needs while away.

My wife has the least expensive 8GB version, which is all you need unless you want to store ridiculous amounts of music. Our 8GB version has four days (100 hours) of continuous music on it.

The iPod Touch is also the best way I have to show my photos to people. It's trivial, with a computer back home, to load them in.

Key Features :

  • Apple A4 1GHz processor (same as Apple iPhone 4).
  • Retina Display, 3.5-inch LED with 960 x 640 resolution, 326dpi, 24-bit.
  • HD Video camera capable of taking high quality snapshots and recording 720p video.
  • Front facing camera to enable FaceTime video calls to other iPod Touch 4 or iPhone 4 devices.
  • 3-axis Gyroscope to be compatible with newer games, Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor.
  • Battery time: 40 Hours of Audio playback, 7 Hours of video playback.

Item Includes :

  • 1 X Apple Ipod Touch 4th Generation 32GB
  • 1 X Earphone
  • 1 X USB cable

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