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What's the process to ship a product?

To ensure our buyer can receive working product(s) safely, we will do following steps:

1. To ensure all products we ship out works, simple quality checking will be performed.

We will check all products before we ship it out, all products can not pass the quality checking will be returned to supplier. Normally, the checking includes:

Packing : Packing or Box
Product : Scratches on the product, Dead points on LCD screen, Button or Keypads
Accessories : Ensure all genuine accessories areincluded in box.

Here's a sample photo of a product :


2. After quality checking, a seal label will be sticked on the box to ensure the product is working when we ship it out.

Here's a sample photo of a product with a seal label:


3. To ensure products will not be damaged in delivery, we will protect the products before they are shipped out.

  • Bubble bags will be used to protect the product.
  • Different sized bubble bags will be used at diffent sized products.
  • Normally, 1-2 bubble bags will be used to product a product.

Here's the photo of the bubble bag that we use:


Here's the photo of the product which is protected by bubble bags:


4. After the product is protected by bubble bags, it will be put inside of different courier packing and wait for courier to pick it up.

Here's the photo of a fedex packing:


Here's the photo of an EMS packing :


Here;s the photo of a DHL pakcing:


5. After courier pick up the product, a track number and trace website will be emailed to customer's email address to ensure our customer have the updated information of the shipment.

6. We will help customer to trace the product online 1-2 days after the product is picked up by courier and email customer the status of the shipment.

If there's any problem of the shipment, we will inform cusotmer and also contact hong kong courier to do follow up.

7. We will only stop tracing the shipment until customer confirms with us that the product is arrived safely and there's no problem with the product.

8. What next is the after sales service.

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